• Entering Vietnam

    There were different options to reach Vietnam from Pnomh Penh, but from all of them we choosed to take a boat and travel down the brown and quiet waters of the Mekhong River until the Vietnamese frontier village of Chau Doc. It was a pleasant journey on a 2 storey slow boat from where we could take pictures of villages and locals in their daily activities.


    Once in the border we had to get out of the boat and walk to the officer’s post to do all the paper stuff. It was not stated anywhere that people crossing the border into Vietnam need to go through a medical/health check, which you could skip by paying a 2000 Riel fee, that would mean you are completely sane and that you are not a potential danger for vietnamese people’s health. Can you believe that? We didn’t! But it was paying it or not getting into the country. Same shit in all the borders…


    We went onboard another boat and continued navigating down the river along smaller canals before arriving in Chau Doc, one of the biggest cities in the Mekong Delta area and our first contact with Vietnamese culture. A really good place to start our trip in this new country on the list…

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