• About us


    The Smartnest Travel is a project promoted by Nest Hostels with the objective of encourage people mad for travelling to do it independently, providing backpackers useful travel information to make the most of their trip.

    We, Hector and Julia, two people from Nest Hostels’ staff, have started this extended project which consists in travelling around the world overland, by sea or air. The starting point is Asia, a worldwide known area for backpack travelling, being India our first destination. Many years dreaming countries to visit, meeting people all around the world while we worked in Nest Youth Hostels in Valencia, Spain. Asking, planing, saving money. We left Spain, the family and all friends behind, but we promise to tell everyone, step by step, how is going the travel and the path.

    Our travel philosophy consists in considering all the possibilities and choose the best option for us as far as possible, adapting ourselves to the limitations that we may find at any time. That means for us to be an independent traveller: to not have prejudices nor limitations to discover new places, adjusting our behaviour to their culture and traditions with the maximum respect. Experiences like this transform a tourist into a backpacker. A collector of experiences, not souvenirs.

    We certainly want to learn, enjoy, experience, feel, taste, explore, discover, dream, live, travel… and encourage everyone to do it as well!!! Get excited and knowledgeable about your trip beforehand by reading up this travel blog!!!